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The Earl Shilton Cemetery Was Created at the End of the 1920’s in What Was Then a Peaceful Meadow Some Distance From the Town. It Was Needed Because the Town’s Five Churches Were Rapidly Running Out of Space in Their Churchyards for New Graves and the People of Earl Shilton Wanted a Convenient Location to Bury Their Deceased. Your Town Council Is the Responsible Burial Authority Operating the Cemetery and Looks After the Grounds.

Earl Shilton Cemetery entrance cc-by-sa/2.0 - © Andrew Tatlow - geograph.org.uk/p/159329

What services are available?

First is the option for a
traditional grave, of which the
largest is a family grave (called
a triple) which will take three coffin burials plus a number of ashes casket burials. However most people will prefer to select a standard single or double depth grave.

Ashes casket graves
Increasingly popular are the
small casket size graves for the
interment of cremated remains.
Traditional burials all provide
an option to have a headstone installed of a style selected by you from the range of approved sizes.

Memorial Wall
We are preparing to construct

a memorial wall whereby
cremated remains can be placed
in an individual secure recess
with its own commemorative
name plaque. This will be easy
to maintain and care for.

Ashes scatter
An attractive rose garden is
provided for the scattering of
ashes where a small memorial
plaque can be added to the

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