Life Celebration Funerals

Life Celebration Funerals, Many people today are seeking a funeral service which reflects the character, life, values and beliefs of the person.  This can be done in numerous ways.  Coffins can be selected in various forms, the coffin and the chapel can be decorated and the spoken service can be personalised.  We have also found that personal touches can really improve the funeral and make it more special and heartfelt and it can still be traditional if that is required.

Whether you choose burial or cremation; a traditional or a natural burial; a religious or a non-religious service; a ceremony to reflect particular beliefs or a ceremony to celebrate the person’s life we can work closely with you and guide you to explore information and ideas and then come to your own decisions.

We are each individual so our funerals should celebrate our individual lives.  We will help you to make the occasion unique and one that you will remember.  We can then make the arrangements or ensure that your wishes are known.

“I lost my mother and sister a couple of years ago, both funerals were very upsetting.  If only I had known that I could have had a willow coffin for my mother and a for my sister.  It would have been a lovely ending and lifted everybody’s spirits” CW

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