My Funeral Wishes

The following information reflects my personal wishes, wherever possible,
regarding the handling of my body and the final arrangements following my death

Baytree Funerals would like to arrange your funeral respecting your desired wishes below.

A copy of this form is sent to the email address you provide.
Are there any friends or relatives that you would particulary like to arrange the funeral? If yes, please give their details here.
Do you have a pre-paid funeral plan? If yes, please give the details of who it is with and where the paperwork is located
Would you like to donate your organs? Have you registred this request with the NHS Organ Donor Line?
Would you like to donate your body? Have you registered with a medical school? Pleae tell us which medical school. Where is the paperwork kept?
What are your feelings towards being embalmed? Please note it is only necessary in a few circumstances and is not generally needed.
Would you like to be buried or cremated?
It is possible to have a direct cremation or burial. This is where you do not require a service. Family and friends are not present and the ashes are returned to them.
If you would like to be buried, where would you like to have your grave? Is this a natural burial ground or traditional cemetry
Do you have a burial place reserved? If yes, please give details and information on where all of the paperwork is located.
What type of coffin, casket or shroud would you prefer?
Who would you like to carry your coffin?
Would you like your funeral service to take place at a church or other venue before you are taken to the crematorium or burial ground? Or perhaps somewhere else?
Do you have a preference about your funeral vehicle (there are a lot of options: black hearse, white hearse, eco-hearse, horses, VW campervan etc)
Is there anyone in particular you would like to lead the service?
What music would you like? Would you like anyone in particular to sing or play an instrument?
What readings / poems would you like. and who would you like to read them?
Would you like flowers at your funeral or would you prefer donations?
What would you like to be done with your ashes and where?
If you would like your ashes buried, do you have a burial place reserved? If yes, please give details and outline where the paperwork is located.
If you choose a headstone or bench, would you like any particular wording for the epitaph?
Do you have any other requests for the service / funeral that people should be aware of?

Please remember that funeral wishes are not enforceable after you die. This is
why it’s always important to discuss your wishes with the people who matter
beforehand. Make sure they know what you would like to happen and that
they know where this document is stored.