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Funeral Services Start From £1150 Plus Disbursements

We are entirely flexible in our approach to your needs and we are happy to tailor our services to meet your requirements. Despite the emotion at the time there are certain steps you should follow to ensure smooth progress.
  1. When someone dies at home

Contact somebody who is able to certify the death:

  • The Deceased’s General Practitioner (G.P) by calling the surgeries emergency number
  • The Doctor that attended the deceased in their last illness
  • Ambulance Staff if you have called out an emergency service

If the Doctor certifies the death, he will provide you with a Medical Certificate, which you are required to present to the Registrar when Registering the Death. If another party certifies the death, they will provide you with a document for you to present to the doctor, who will then provide you with the Medical Certificate.

If the doctor isn’t happy with the circumstances of the death, they may well refer the death to Coroner.

Contact friends and family

It’s best to contact any friends and family you feel need to know about the death, at this point. They may wish to visit your loved one at home, before they’re taken to the Chapel of Rest.

  1. If the death was unexpected

We advise that if the death was unexpected, to call the police, who will guide you through the next steps. Usually the death will be referred to Coroner. After speaking with the Police, please contact us via telephone 0116 2788868, and we can start liaising with Coroner on your behalf.

  1. When someone dies at hospital

When someone passes away in a hospital, the on-site doctors will deal with the certification of the death.

They will provide you with the Medical Certificate, for you to present to the Registrar when Registering the Death. Whether the death happens during the day, or during the night, feel free to contact us via telephone or in person, and we will give you any help or guidance you may need at that point. If the death isn’t expected, the hospital will then refer it to Coroner.

As all necessary paperwork will be dealt with at the hospital, the deceased will remain at the on-site Chapel of Rest, until it is complete.



when calling this number, you will speak directly to a member of our family who will help you through every stage of the process and answer any questions you may have.